Banks require their customers to obtain independent legal advice when entering loans secured by property. We can make this a simple and painless process, as well as also considering other factors that may consequently come into play to ensure that your ducks are in line and your affairs are in order.


If you are looking to refinance your mortgage, obtain a reverse mortgage or change banks, we can swiftly and efficiently help you with that process. We can also refer you to skilled mortgage brokers if you need assistance in this area.

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When and how should I start discussions with banks regarding obtaining a home loan?

Having a pre-approval in place before you start house hunting has several benefits. As well as showing sellers and agents you’re serious about buying, it helps speed up the process when you find a home you like, which puts you in a far better negotiating position.

When applying for pre-approval or a home loan it pays to shop around. Your mortgage adviser can do the hard slog for you by shopping around on your behalf and advising you on the right deal to fit your situation. We can recommend, or introduce you to, an appropriate mortgage broker.

What happens to our home loan if we transfer our home to a family trust?

If there is a mortgage involved, the bank's consent will need to be obtained. The loan may not necessarily be redocumented in the trustee(s) name(s), as it may be better that the loan remains in the name of borrowers (i.e., existing owners) and the trustees simply guarantee the loan.

We can explain and discuss with you the different ways to structure the loan and the bank documents, so you can weigh up the pros and cons and determine which structure is best for you.

What is a reverse mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is a loan that has been designed for the needs of seniors. It allows people aged 60 and over to release cash from the value of their home to help fund their retirement. No regular repayments are required – the debt is repaid from the future sale of the property.

How is a reverse mortgage loan repaid?

The total loan amount, plus accumulating interest and fees charged, is repayable when you move permanently from your home - usually when you sell your property, move into long-term care, or pass away. The loan is usually repaid from the sale proceeds of your home, and the balance is then retained by you or your estate.

I don’t own my home. Can the property still be used for the purpose of a reverse mortgage?

Some applicants (called Nominated Residents) may not be the sole owners of the home they live in. For example, the home might be in a family trust, or in the case of a couple, owned by only one person. As long as the Nominated Residents of the home meet the age criteria, and all residents are recorded on the loan, you can usually still apply for a Reverse Mortgage providing all the owners agree to sign the application form and legal documents. Terms and conditions will apply.

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