Jane Zohrab


Jane has been practising law since 1996, and her experience encompasses all areas of family law. She has worked as a family lawyer in NZ and Australia, and prior to her return to NZ in 2020 she was operating her own family law practice in Australia.

Jane has particular expertise in relationship property, and s21 agreements under the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 (i.e. contracting out, prenuptials and separation agreements). Jane is an experienced court lawyer, should proceedings be necessary.

Jane can guide you through the legal aspects of separation, property, parenting and legal issues involving children. Jane is a qualified Collaborative Law practitioner and she is particularly interested in working with clients in a collaborative manner. A collaborative law process allows families to reach agreements together so that the final outcome reflects shared objectives.

For further information about Jane's area of expertise see Jane Zohrab Family Law.


PO Box 595, Drury 2247

  • "Jane really helped me cut through the emotional distress and confusion I was feeling and focus on the practical resolution of the issue through the legal system that I was unsure how to approach. I really appreciated the combination of Jane's expert knowledge and skills, the transparency in services and associated costs provided upfront, as well as the compassion I felt in our interactions."
    Giuliana Tarascio
  • "Jane Zohrab was sincere and informative. She was prompt and so easy to talk to. Thank you!"
    Wendy Hunt